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Motor Protection. GE leads the industry with flexible and reliable protection for low voltage to medium voltage motors  
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Total motor coverage from low to medium voltage
Advanced thermal model
The ultimate goal in motor protection is to prevent the motor’s operating life from being shortened due to thermal damage effects. Multilin devices meet this challenge by accurately representing the thermal effects in the motor, taking into account complex thermal relationships within the motor.

Multilin relays offer advanced motor protection using a motor thermal model that is based on actual motor design and specifications. Only GE’s Multilin relays allow you to customize your motor protection to exactly match your motor application, rather than forcing you to fit the motor to your motor protection.
Motor thermal limits chart
Motor health reports
GE provides the motor diagnostic information in a legible easy to use format that enables the user to make informed decision on the health of their motor. The graphical representation and trended values of the motor data gathered, enables users to quickly identify process and motor issues prior to them causing a process failure. The Motor Health Report details the following information:
  • Motor Acceleration Time
  • Starting Current
  • Thermal capacity used during starting
  • Average Motor Load
  • Average Phase currents
  • Current unbalance
  • Ground current
  • Unsurpassed ease of use
    The industry leading EnerVista Setup software programs simplify every aspect of using the Multilin motor protection. Features like the Motor Setting Auto-Configurator literally walks users step by step through the protection setup process. The software ensures the motor is properly protected, that alarms are set, and that information can integrate into HMI or SCADA monitoring systems.
    Sample motor health report
    Motor automation
    GE’s powerful I/O and programmable FlexLogic™ options offer advanced automation control, reducing the need for additional programmable controllers or discrete control relays. With our customizable protection & control schemes, Multilin relays minimize the costs of auxiliary components and wiring.
    Advanced communications
    With the largest support of communications platforms in the industry, Multilin relays provide communications options for most industry standard protocols including support for the IEC 61850 open communications standard. With simultaneous communications capabilities in many of our relays, integration of your protection relays into new or existing SCADA or DCS systems is made fast and easy without the need of protocol converters or other discrete devices.
    Uncompromised security
    GE’s Multilin relays offer a number of security features to safeguard and minimize risks to your critical assets. Key security features include traceability of all settings changes and command history, and dual-permission access control providing safety from unauthorized access and relay changes.
    Large motor photo