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MDS x790 Series - Master Stations Manuals


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
05-3438A01-GMDS 4790/9790 Master Station Manual2011-12-12 [1.2M]
This manual explains the installation and operation of MDS 4790 (400 MHz) and MDS 9790 (900 MHz) master stations. Covers several new features added to units shipped since June 1, 2000.
05-3628A01-BMDS 4790M (MPT 1411 version)2008-12-19 [1.5M]
Installation and operating instructions for the MDS 4790M master station certified to MPT 1411 standards in the UK and certain other locations.
05-2765A01-BMDS 4790B/9790B Manual2009-08-04 [3.9M]
Installation/Operation Guide for MDS 4790B and 9790B master stations. These radios provide compatibility with earlier MDS remote radios such as the MDS 2300/4300 Series, as well as MDS 4710B/9710B Transceivers.
05-3496A01Software/Firmware Installation Guide2010-04-19 [12k]
Instructions for installing new software/firmware files in GE MDS radios
05-4955A01-AExternal VOX Module Assembly instructions2010-02-19 [276k]
Instruction sheet for External VOX Module Assembly. Used with some early generation MDS transceivers and master stations (including MDS 2310/MDS 4310 series).
05-4869A01-BInstruction sheet for the MDS SDA Adapter2010-02-26 [486k]
The MDS SDA Adapter unit is used to upgrade MDS x790 Master Stations operating in SD transceiver networks. It adds Ethernet capability to existing networks and supports over-the-air AES encryption for SD radios operating in Packet Mode.
05-6192A01-ABattery Disposal Notice2013-10-25 [103k]


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