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MiCOM C264 Bay Controller Support Documents


File ReferenceTitlePublish DateFormat
GER-4947Selected Front Panel options for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2024-02-13 [145k]
GER-4947Selected Ethernet-based Switch PRP or HSR options for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-09-06 [128k]
GER-4947DIU221 Input Board Options for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-09-06 [124k]
GER-4947AIU201 Analogue Input Board for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-09-08 [124k]
GER-4938Grey/White Livery Accessories for C264/MiCOM/MIDOS/MMLG/P991 End-of-Manufacturing 2023-02-15 [164k]
GER-4885CSWU 200 202 204 Ethernet Based Switch Boards for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2024-01-16 [143k]
GER-4927DIU200 Input Board for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-09-01 [141k]
GER-4927CCU200 CB Control Unit for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-09-01 [141k]
GER-4885High Break Contract Output Board for C264 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2022-02-15 [180k]
GER-4885Sample Values Unit Boards for C264 (CPU3) End-of-Manufacturing Notice2020-07-10 [138k]
GER-4885ASWR212, SWR214, SWD212 and SWT212 Ethernet-based Switch Boards for C2642022-06-23 [156k]
GER-4885Digital Process Unit DPU2xx for C264 (CPU3) End-of-Manufacturing Notice2020-06-30 [139k]
PIXIT-A1.2MiCOM C264 ver7 PIXIT Client2020-10-19 [558k]
PICS-A1MiCOM C264 ver7 PICS Server2020-10-19 [218k]
PICS-A1.3MiCOM C264 ver7 PICS Client2020-10-19 [538k]
MICS-A1MiCOM C264 ver7 MICS Server2020-10-19 [302k]
MICS-A1.1MiCOM C264 ver7 MICS Client2020-10-19 [564k]
PIXIT-A1MiCOM C264 ver7 PIXIT Server2020-10-19 [238k]
TICS-A1.2MiCOM C264 ver7 TICS Client2020-10-19 [556k]
TICS-A2MiCOM C264 ver7 TICS Server2020-10-19 [193k]
GER-4919C264 White Livery End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-02-15 [151k]
GER-4938C264 CPU3 End-of-Manufacturing Notice2023-09-01 [131k]


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