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Critical Infrastructure Communications Markets Served

For more than thirty-five years, GE's Critical Infrastructure Communications business has provided rugged communications networks for leading companies around the world in a variety of markets, including energy, oil and gas, mining, water/wastewater and transportation. As an industry leader in deploying communication networks with exceptional reliability, GE has a reputation for delivering high quality products. With extensive domain expertise in networking applications in harsh, industrial environments, GE provides best-in-class solutions from industry experts to meet the requirements of each market served.

Energy Solutions include communications for distribution automation, AMI gateway networks, protection and control and workforce mobility applications.
Oil & Gas Oil & Gas
Solutions include communications for gas production, oil production, midstream production, wellhead completion and construction.
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Oil & Gas
Rail Communications Rail
Communications for Positive Train Control, Remote Control Locomotive, yard automation, signaling and switching, fiber and wireless backhaul applications.
Rail Communications
Mining Solutions Mining
Solutions include communications for extraction transportation and processing applications.
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Mining Solutions
Water & Wastewater
Water & Wastewater Solutions include communications for production and distribution, wastewater / storm water, and AMI gateway network applications.