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Software/Firmware Downloads

Directory: Main / NETio / NETio-EB

This directory contains version 4.5.8 for entraNET/NETio radio systems ********************************************************************** ** ** ** This is SPECIAL entraNET code that works with NETio base modules ** ** ** ********************************************************************** The file netio-4_5_8.zip contains the following files: gw-bkrto-4_5_8.gpk - The binary executable which is to be loaded into the entraNet radio over a network connection using TFTP. Please see the release notes or the eNetFirmwareUpgrade.txt file for additional information concerning The software upgrade process. NETio Release Notes 1_5_8.doc - The release notes detailing new features, modifications, and known limitations of the software. The file enet-mibs-3_0_7.zip contains the following standard enet SNMP MIB files: enet_ap.mib - enet_reg.mib - enet_sec.mib - enet_sta.mib - enettrv1.mib - enettrv2.mib - msdreg.mib - The file enet2-ETSI-AP-config-3_0_7.txt is the default ETSI 2400MHz configuration file. The file enet2-FCC-AP-config-3_0_7.txt is the default FCC/IC 2400MHz configuration file. The file enet9-AP-config-3_0_7.txt is the default 900MHz configuration file.


File NameDateSize
enet2-ETSI-AP-config-3_0_7.txt2009-11-28 [12K]
enet2-FCC-AP-config-3_0_7.txt2009-11-28 [12K]
enet9-AP-config-3_0_7.txt2009-11-28 [12K]
enet_mibs-3_0_7.zip2009-11-28 [21K]
netio-4_5_8.zip2009-11-28 [4.9M]