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Transformer Assessment Service

Transformer Technical Services

GE Energy can offer a complete assessment service for large power transformers to help customers understand operational issues, determine root cause, gauge the health of the transformer and obtain remedial and preventive maintenance recommendations in order to improve asset reliability.
Customers benefit from a team of highly experienced multinational transformer specialists with background in both the design of power transformers and their in-service operation using state of the art equipment that allows the transformer to remain powered-on (no outage) during the assessment.

  • Medium and large sized transformers.
  • Higher risk and/or consequence of failure.
  • Generation and Transmission transformers.
  • Assets with known or suspected operational issues.
  • Access to transformer specialists.
  • Assessment without the need for outage.
  • Asset health diagnostic.
  • Root cause analysis of issues.
  • Operational recommendations.
  • Maintenance and/or repair advice.
  • Engineering design review.
  • Maintenance review.
  • Oil analysis using Transport X.
  • PD Acoustic measurement.
  • IR Temperature Profile.
  • Vibration tests.
  • Electromagnetic field.
  • Report Recommendations.