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Multilin Switch Controller - Legacy
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Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

The Multilin DGCS is an advanced Controller for detection of faults and controlling overhead and pad mounted switches. The DGCS is compatible with most switches and provides a great degree of flexibility in integrating with FDIR systems.

Key Benefits

20+ years of field proven auto-sectionalizing algorithm

5 shot auto-sectionalizing enables more switches per section

3 setting groups enable different setting selections based on switched conditions

Advanced logic engine and multiple IOs for creating customized control schemes

Improve performance and reliability by integrating remote feeders into DMS/OMS/SCADA

Real time monitoring of energy to track non-technical losses


Improves asset monitoring & maintenance schedules based on measured energy discharge

Enhanced troubleshooting tools including sequence of event records and data logger

Reduces time setup and commissioning time with easy-to-use software tools and quick setup keys on front panel

Common hardware, firmware and software platform with other Multilin Distribution Automation (DA) controllers


Automatic control of load break and no-load switches (LBS/NLS) for fault detection and Isolation

Automatic control of pad mounted switch gear


Interfacing with FDIR/FLISR for auto-sectionalizing and auto-restoration

Auto-sectionalizationAutomation & controlMetering & monitoringCommunicationsSoftware

  Key Features

Auto/manual or Local/Remote

Cold Load Pickup

Phase IOC detection

Phase TOC detection

Neutral TOC detection

Over Voltage

Under Voltage

Voltage Unbalance

Power loss

Reverse power


A key driver and measurement of utility effectiveness is in the reliability of power to its customers. As many faults on overhead distribution lines are transient in nature, reclosing at the substation and installation of mid-line reclosers./switches can improve a utilities SAIDI reliability index by up to 24%.

When permanent faults occur on overhead lines, having feeders with increasing degrees or automation can greatly enhance distribution grid reliability and reduce restoration of unfaulted segments from several hours to a few seconds or minutes. A key component of these automation schemes is intelligent controllers that can integrate with FDIR systems through sharing local information and accepting control commands.

Switch Control
Robust Design

Based on GE's proven controller platform with tens of thousands of units installed globally, the Multilin DGCS undergoes extensive Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) and Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) to validate accurate functionality under specified conditions and to ensure accurate performance in extreme operating conditions and harsh environments.

Modes of Operation

The Multilin DGCS Switch controller provides two modes of operation:

Remote mode

Local mode

The Multilin DGCS switch controller measures three phase voltages and currents, and based on the measurements, manages Auto-Sectionalizing functionality:

Volt/Var Block Diagram
  Key Features

Multiple setpoint groups

Expandable inputs and outputs for advanced applications

Customized automation schemes using FlexLogic™

  Automation & Control
The Multilin DGCS offers powerful I/O and programmable logic (FlexLogic™) options for advanced automation and control, reducing the need and costs associated with additional programmable controllers or discrete control devices.

Remote Control
For both operational efficiency and reliability reasons, the Multilin DGCS provides remote control for operating switchgear. The Multilin DGCS is capable of providing both local and manual control of the switchgear.

Set Point Group Control
The Multilin DGCS has three identical set point groups. The activation of the group can be done either from the HMI or via a digital input.

Virtual Inputs and Outputs
The Multilin DGCS provides 32 virtual inputs and 32 virtual outputs that provide users with the ability to send commands to the device. The Multilin DGCS can accept commands from SCADA, through the front HMI, or front USB port to issue commands such as close or open.

Command Setting
The Multilin DGCS has the ability to force commands from the menu structure. This can also be achieved via the EnerVista™ software that runs on a PC. This simulation ensures that the close and open commands can be safely issued from a distance without using the HMI.

FlexLogic in the Multilin DGCS provides the ability to create customized control schemes. This minimizes the need and costs associated with auxiliary components and wiring
  Key Features

Metering - current, voltage, power, energy, frequency, PF, Harmonics

Event Recorder - Up to 256 time tagged events

Statistics & counters

Enhanced system diagnostics & reporting

Metering & monitoring
The Multilin DGCS provides high accuracy metering and recording of all AC signals, measuring the following key parameters:

Phase-Ground Voltages (kV)

Phase to phase Voltages (kV)

Positive, Negative, Zero Sequence Voltage

Phase A, B, and C currents (A)

Positive, Negative, Zero Sequence Current
Ground Current (A)

3-Phase Active power (KW)

3-Phase Reactive power (KVar)

3-Phase Apparent Power

Power Factor (Lag or Lead)

Pos. & Neg. (Import & Export) Real
Energy (kWh)

Pos. & Neg. (Import & Export) Reactive
Energy (kVarh)

2nd to 8th harmonic up to 20% – for current

2nd to 8th harmonic up to 20% – for voltage

THD in 20% – for current

THD in 20% – for voltage

These data points can be easily integrated into a customer's database for seamless viewing through a SCADA or DMS system like GE's PowerOn or GeNe.
Statistics & Counters

Trip Counter

Open Counter

Close Counter

KI²t Phase A Counter

KI²t Phase B Counter

KI²t Phase C Counter

Total Close/Open Operation

Maintenance Elements
The maintenance elements in the Multilin DGCS provides alarms to the system based on the maximum number of closing/opening executed commands per period of time and I²t measurements per feeder.

Event recorder
he Multilin DGCS provides an integrated event recorder and detailed diagnostic features. The sequence of events recorder offers the following features:

Up to 256 consecutive events stored

Enable or disable, operate and dropout events by set points

Phase voltage/current and power metering shot is also included and stored at each event

 Data logger & event record screens
Advanced Device Health Diagnostics
Comprehensive device health diagnostic tests are performed by the Multilin DGCS during startup and continuously at runtime to test its own major functions and critical hardware User Interface.
  Key Features    

Networking Interface
- Two Wire RS485
- Multiple Protocols (Modbus®, DNP3.0)
- Optional wireless communications
(radio or cellular)



User Interface
- Front panel USB port
- 4 line HMI Display
- 20 System status LED’s

  Front panel
Front panel layout
  Key Features

4-Level device security to maintain authorized access only

Simplified device configuration software tool and industry leading suite of software tools to manage and maintain Multilin devices.


The DGCS and associated software tools provide a suite of security features that ensure only approved personnel can make changes to the device configuration or execute operational commands.

Password Security
The DGCS offers multiple levels of password security to limit access control based on settings or command levels. There are four levels of password security provided:

Local Settings Access

Local Control Access

Remote Settings Access

Remote Control Access

Local Access refers to users making changes using the front USB serial port and the HMI. Remote Access refers to users making changes using the rear RS485 port.
Enervista Software
The EnerVista™ Suite is an industry-leading set of software programs that simplifies every aspect of using the DGCS Voltage Regulator Controller. The EnerVista™ suite provides all the tools to monitor the status of the protected asset, maintain the controller, and integrate information measured by the DGCS into SCADA or the DMS monitoring systems. The ability to easily view sequence of events is an integral part of the setup software, as postmortem event analysis is critical to proper system operation. Learn More

Enervista setup software can reduce device setup and configuration time with the help of easy to use drag & drop configuration menu