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IFCS TOC/Voltage Control Relay - Legacy

IFCS TOC/Voltage Control Relay (Discontinued)
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Manufacturing for IFCS has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to P14D, P141 or 889.

The Type IFCS relays include an induction disc time overcurrent unit with wound shading coils controlled by the contact of an undervoltage unit. This overcurrent unit is similar to the IFC51 (inverse) or the IFC53 (very inverse) except that the shading rings on the U magnet have been replaced with the wound shading coils.

The Type IFCS relays are supplied with two electrically separate contacts. One of these contacts which operates the target seal-in unit is on the induction disc unit and can be used as a trip contact; the second contact of the seal-in unit can be used for alarm or remote indication.

The Type IFCS relays are designed to provide backup protection at the generator against external phase faults which are not cleared by other protective equipment. An inverse time-overcurrent relay may be used for ground fault protection.