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MIF - Legacy

MIF Digital Feeder Relay

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the 350 relay.

The MIF, a member of the M Family of protection relays, is a microprocessor based relay that provides primary circuit protection on distribution networks at any voltage level and backup/auxiliary protection for transformers, generators and motors. Protection features include three phase time delayed overcur-rent, phase instantaneous overcurrent (two levels Hiset and Loset), ground time delayed overcurrent, ground instantaneous overcurrent (two levels Hiset and Loset) and thermal image protection. Each protection element can be selectively enabled either via the front panel or via communication. Flexible settings, selectable curves plus the choice of a user configurable overcurrent curve enable accurate coordination with other devices.

  • Feeder protection, any voltage level

Protection and Control
  • 3 phase and ground time delayed overcurrent (51/51G)
  • 4 preconfigured overcurrent curves n 1 user configurable overcurrent curve (FlexCurve)
  • 3 phase and ground instantaneous overcurrent (Hiset and Loset) (50-1/50G-1, 50-2/50G-2)
  • Thermal image protection (49)
  • Cold load pickup function
  • Configurable breaker failure protection (50BF)
  • Configurable inputs and outputs
  • 6 outputs: trip, service required, auxiliary

Monitoring and Metering
  • Event recorder (24 events)
  • Oscillography recorder
  • KI2 counter for breaker maintenance
  • Per phase current metering

User Interface
  • 6 configurable LED indicators
  • RS232 and RS485 communications
  • MODBUS® RTU protocol
  • Baud rates up to 19,200 bps