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P40 Agile Platform

P40 Agile Comprehensive Feeder Management Solution in Compact Design

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Discovering the P40 Agile Platform

Feeder Protection & Control Solutions

The P40 Agile relay platform offers feeder & motor management by providing adaptable protection & control functions for applications in utilities & industries. Its compact, withdrawable design, high I/O density, advanced recording, integrated communication & cybersecurity functions make it the preferred choice for protection of critical assets and maintaining process and service availability.

  • Compact & withdrawable
  • Universal hardware
  • Scalable I/O options
  • Redundant Ethernet protocol support (RSTP/PRP/HSR)
  • Ecodesign with no resident battery

Two variants are available

Enhanced Compact Version
Scalable Version
P40 Agile Enhanced Compact Relay Overview Watch Product Launch Video

P40 Agile Enhanced is a compact feeder and voltage relay platform offering fast overcurrent, ground fault, voltage and frequency elements along with standardized hardware to reduce order code variants and stocking / spares inventories.

Key features:

  • Faster response to faults limits arcing energy and the duration of touch/step potential rise
  • Renewables monitoring – harmonics imposed on the grid with THD measured up to the 21st order
  • Advanced cybersecurity including AAA, role-based access control and Syslog
  • Single setting file for relay configuration- fast set-up, simple as-installed record, full traceability
  • Simulate currents, voltages, LEDs, inputs & outputs- ease of testing and commissioning
  • Advanced communication-IEC62439 (PRP/HSR) redundancy protocol and IEEE 1588 (PTP) for time synchronization

Model Variants:

  • P14NB Non-directional feeder
  • P14NL Non-directional feeder with autoreclose
  • P14DB Directional feeder
  • P14DL Advanced directional feeder with autoreclose and check synchronizing
  • P94VB Voltage and frequency
  • P94VP Voltage and frequency with autoreclose and check synchronizing
EnerVista Flex Software

Flexible Engineering Toolsuite - EnerVista Flex

EnerVista Flex is our latest development in IED configuration tools. It supports the P40 Agile Enhanced distribution/industrial feeder management relays. With crisp, intuitive visuals and a configurable layout, EnerVista Flex is the optimum PC toolsuite for your IED configuration needs.

  • Single view of multiple IEDs - across a substation/voltage level/bay for easier management
  • Easy IEC 61850 configuration - simplifying IEC 61850 engineering and optimizing the time spent in GOOSE publishing/subscription set-up
  • New UI theme with fast navigation - feature views, event/setting filters and search functionality
  • Online/Offline access - Identify IED status from the topology overview with online monitoring and configuration capability

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P40 Agile image

The P40 Agile scalable range offers scalable hardware for addressing applications from distribution (as primary protection) to transmission (as back-up protection solution). Advanced communications, scalable binary I/O and trip circuit supervision can coexist in a single package for demanding applications.

Key features:

  • Phase and ground protection, including sensitive earth settable down to 1mA pick-up
  • High impedance fault, load encroachment, switch onto fault and fault locator
  • Rate of change, full-scheme auto-reclose and synchrocheck, transient ground fault
  • Single Ethernet, PRP and HSR redundancy available
  • Certified for feeder and high impedance busbar applications

Model Variants:

  • P14NB Non-directional feeder
  • P14NZ Non-directional feeder with HIF function
  • P14DB Directional feeder
  • P14DZ Directional feeder with HIF or TEFD function
  • P14DH Directional feeder with Wattmetric Directional earth fault
  • P94VB Voltage and frequency
  • P94VR Voltage and frequency with autoreclose and check synchronizing
S1 Agile Software

Flexible Engineering Toolsuite - S1 Agile

P40 Agile Scalable version can be configurated via S1 Agile which is an easy to use PC based tool, allowing users to configurate, simulate and test MiCOM protection relays in daily environment instead of accessing to the lab.

Click to learn more about S1 Agile toolsuite.

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P40 Agile feeder management relay can be applied to utilities, industrial sites, oil and gas, renewable generation connections and transport infrastructure for maximum uptime, fast trouble-shooting and precise network analysis of your critical assets.

  • Distributed
    • Power quality (harmonics) and demand monitoring
    • Faster operation for load shedding
    • Advanced cybersecurity
  • Utility
    • Advanced protection with integrated communications
    • High density I/O, advanced cybersecurity
    • Compact & easy to install
  • Oil and Gas
    • Power quality (harmonics) and demand monitoring
    • Harsh environment coating as standard
    • Withdrawable design for easy maintenance
  • Back-up:
    • Powerful processing and fast protection pass
    • Advanced cybersecurity
    • 128 s/c oscillography for post fault analysis

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