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  EnerVista™ Software
EnerVista Launchpad. Device setup, document & site management EnerVista Launchpad on monitor

The EnerVista™ Launchpad software is a powerful toolset used for the complete support and management of Multilin products. Support applications including product software, manuals, and setting files management used to ensure your important files are kept up-to-date and easily accessible. Site Management allows you to properly maintain your asset and devices by providing real-time diagnostic data and reports.

Key Benefits
  • Provides a simple and intuitive method for configuring all Multilin devices
  • Ensures setup software, manuals and other support documentation is available to you and is always up to date
  • Supplies all the tools necessary for analyzing faults to get your equipment back up and running
  • Provides Asset and Device management capability at the click of a button
  • Applications    
  • Configure and access all your Multilin devices from a single application
  • Create and edit setting files offline or real-time
  • Manage all of your support documents
  • Provides an intuitive device health logic tool
  • Receive automatic firmware, software, and hardware upgrade notices
  • Contains real-time metering, fault diagnostic and maintenance data for each connected device.

  • Launchpad overviewSite managementSoftware & document management

      Site management   Software & document management
  • Organize your protection devices with one interface
  • Automated power system monitoring directly from Launchpad
  • A management toolset for all Multilin devices settings
  • Receive comprehensive Site and Device reports from Launchpad
  • Instantly identify, download, and install new versions of setup software when available with a single click
  • Directly install new setup software and support documents without having to navigate to the website
  •   Overview screens
      Device management & health logs
    The device metering window provides system critical and diagnostics data such as Current, Voltages, and Event Records at your finger tips. The device health logic monitors defined setpoints and actual values, then returns results in a graphical, user friendly display. This tool will help you maintain the minimum required setting and assist you to maximize your relay capabilities. The 4 categories that are monitored are:
    Device health logic
    Easily configure and manage your Multilin setting files
    The setting file management tool comes standard with EnerVista Launchpad and provides a single platform to configure your Multilin protection device setting files. Additionally, you will have the ability to link related documents, such as specifications and equipment data sheets, to their respective protection device useful for day-to-day operation.

  • Retrieve your device setting files and organize them according to the asset being protected
  • Manage documents such as data sheets, and engineer white papers related to your protection device assets
  • Access and save setpoint files for your devices regardless if the device is offline or online
  • Launchpad device settings screen
    Site reports Site Reports screen
    EnerVista Launchpad software can be used to generate comprehensive site reports for your install base and provide recommendations useful to determine upgrade and maintenance schedules for your assets and protection devices. With the click of a button, you can download critical data, which includes:

  • Hardware upgrades and replacement recommendations
  • Firmware upgrade recommendations, if applicable
  • Complete Installed based configured by age and device type
    Device setup Device setup screen
    Organize your installed base devices with a single user-friendly interface. Save precious time when establishing communications to your protection devices. Whether you have a small or large installed base, individual or networked connection, Device Setup will help you organize and manage your valuable assets:

  • Manage your asset by organizing your site and protection device configurations
  • Allows seamless communication with multiple devices
  • Provides resources related to your protection scheme and individual protection device
    A complete up-to-date reference library
    EnerVista™ Launchpad will make sure that all necessary documents, setup programs and software tools are up-to-date by automatically retrieving them from our web site or Product CD, or by sending you an email whenever new information is available.

    Manage all of your Support Documents in a Single Desktop Library.

    Launchpad offers a complete library of document resources that is automatically updated and organized for you. The Document Library includes:

  • Manuals
  • Application Notes
  • Service Bulletins
  • Guideform Specifications
  • Drawings
  • Support Documents
  • FAQ’s
  • Brochures

  • Launchpad’s subscription application will keep you up-to-date on the new product resources as soon as they are available. Launchpad will allow you to sign up to receive notification about new information by one of the following methods:
  • Alerting you whenever you open up EnerVista™ Launchpad
  • Emailing you about the new resource available
  • Automatically downloading new documents into Launchpad
    Create templates to reduce configuration time
    The template creation tool included with EnerVista™ Launchpad will greatly reduce the amount of time required to configure relays that are performing similar functions. The example below demonstrates how the time required to configure 10 similar relays can be reduced by up to one third using Launchpad templates.
      Template creation flow