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From the introduction of the P4A, the first digital relay in 1982, to the first protection relay that incorporated Ethernet communications, to the first applications that use digital communications, enabling IEC 61850 Process Bus, GE’s Multilin products and services continues to lead the way, making new protection, control and automation applications possible.
Multilin products offer complete support for IEC 61850 communications directly embedded in to the protection and control relays, meters, substation gateways and HMI. With the widest range of IEC 61850 enabled devices, Multilin simplifies the protection, automation, metering, monitoring, and control of individual assets across the entire power system. The UR 7.3 release adds IEC 61850 Edition 2 and a Single settings file in line with the IEC61850 Substation Configuration Language (SCL) that enables third party IEC61850 configuration tools to directly configure all UR settings, which exceeds expectations from the IEC61850 standard. This enables resources and platform managing optimization and reduces cost of ownership.

GE Digital Energy solutions enable self healing power systems that predict and react to disturbances, while optimizing power generation and loads. Multilin devices including the UR family and SR 3 Series relays, alongside the HardFiber Process Bus deliver advanced protection and control across the entire power system with complete support for IEC 61850.
We are passionate about developing unique protection and control products that enable our customers to reduce the costs associated with protecting their power systems. Using our latest innovations, utilities have been able to implement system stabilizing and cost saving protection and control schemes that were previously believed impossible.
GE Digital Energy offers a complete range of advanced relays for small, medium, large and extra large motors. Multilin relays offer advanced motor protection using a motor thermal model that is based on actual motor design and specifications. Only GE’s Multilin relays allow you to customize your motor protection to exactly match your motor application.
The MultiLink family is a line of hardened Ethernet Switches and Media Converters that will provide you with secure, reliable communications for all your critical infrastructure devices. Designed to meet the unique requirements of the protection and control industry, the MultiLink family of products ensure fast, reliable and secure networks.
EnerVista™ is an industry-leading suite of software tools designed to simplify every aspect of working with Multilin devices. The suite consists of tools that aid in streamlining processes such as creating and validating settings files, integrating Multilin devices to Automation systems, and monitoring and controlling the equipment being protected.