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GE Unveils New High-Speed, High-Accuracy Meter PDF

  • Multilin EPM 9900 Provides Total Picture of Energy Use
  • Enables Faster and More Informed Decision Making
  • Allows User to Monitor, Mitigate and Troubleshoot Power Quality Anomalies

MARKHAM, ONTARIO— March 30, 2012—GE (NYSE: GE) announces the release of the Multilin™ EPM 9900, a high-speed, high-accuracy power quality metering solution for monitoring critical power applications for utilities, large industrial users and local electric companies. The EPM 9900 provides a total picture of energy usage and power quality at any metered point in the power distribution and industrial network.

The EPM 9900 meter captures and records power system events at a very high speed, high resolution and with high accuracy, enabling users to monitor, mitigate and troubleshoot potential power quality anomalies. Through the meter's advanced recording capability, customers can quickly extract data, with download speeds 20 times faster than conventional power quality meters, enabling faster and more informed decision making and in turn maximizing system uptime.

The 10MHz sampling frequency and the 1 gigabyte storage memory records as short as 1-microsecond transients to large system events spanning minutes and hours. The high resolution recorder is a Class A power quality analyzer of laboratory grade for all critical power applications where process uptime and availability are extremely critical.

"From today's utility leaders to large industrial users to local electric companies, an effective energy management and power-monitoring program is critical for success. As the latest and most-advanced member of our well-established family of EPM industrial and commercial meters, the Multilin EPM 9900 provides the highest level of analysis and communications, giving users the tools they need to successfully manage their systems," said Juan Macias, general manager—grid automation for GE's Digital Energy business.


GE Energy has more than 20 years of experience and innovation in industrial power meters and industrial energy management solutions. The larger portfolio of GE meters, communications equipment and energy management software solutions helps customers utilize power efficiently and economically by building a fully integrated energy management solution.

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