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Faster power system implementation - GE’s Substation Controls in a Box

GE introduces the Substation Controls in a Box, an integrated packaged solution that offers a flexible and quality solution for distribution utility and industrial substation applications. The Substation Controls in a Box helps owners to get their new substation up and running faster and less costly compared  with traditionally built substations.

GE Packaged Solutions engineers, designs and manufactures integrated drop-in modular solutions for the protection, control and automation of a variety of utility and industrial applications. The Substation Controls in a Box packaged solution offering is suitable for distribution substations typically in the range of 5-100 MVA power ratings. Starting from fairly simple designs for municipal distribution utilities in the 5-100 MVA range, to more sophisticated designs for multiple 100 MW wind farms.

GE’s Substation Controls in a Box offering caters to the needs of small co-operative, municipal distribution substations and larger industrial and wind interconnect and switching substations. The pre-designed, pre-fabricated, free-standing, and fully integrated, modular packaged substation solutions are designed and built on the industry leading GE Universal Relay platform and advanced GE substation automation technology. The Substation Controls in a Box is assembled, manufactured, wired and fully tested in the factory, ready for site acceptance testing and commissioning.

For more information about GE’s Substation Controls in a Box, please click here.