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362 kV Dead Tank Circuit Breaker

Our 362 kV Dead Tank Circuit Breaker Comes Now With Optional Pre-Insertion Resistors And Parallel Surge Arresters

In service since 2013, the DT1-362 has been used for controlled switching of shunt capacitors, shunt reactors, transformers and unloaded lines with the addition of a point-on-wave (POW) controller.

GE is proud to announce the addition of optional Pre-Insertion Resistors (PIR) with the enhanced model type DT1-362R. PIR are typically used to minimize inrush current for switching shunt capacitors or long lines. Optional parallel MOV surge arresters extends the electrical endurance for reactor switching duties and may be combined with either POW or PIR.

These latest enhancements further increase the capabilities of this highly popular and reliable DT1-362 HV breaker; qualified as class C2 for capacitance switching, reactor switching applications and class M2 for 10,000 no-load mechanical operations.

Thanks to its robust design, the DT1-362 is a highly reliable circuit breaker even under the most severe operating conditions and is tested to meet or exceed IEEE/ANSI and IEC standards, including the more difficult aspects of the IEEE/ANSI 2009 standards. Furthermore, the circuit breaker design is optimized for quick and easy installation at site. Factory tested and adjusted, it does not need any special tools for installation.

Every DT1-362 breaker produced by GE is subjected to a rigorous SF6 gas tightness testing protocol. 0ur state-of-the-art testing system validates the gas integrity of every circuit breaker in the as shipped condition with bushings installed. This proprietary system provides quantifiable evidence of our <0.5% guaranteed leak rate in the exact configuration in which the breaker is delivered.

It is designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art center of excellence in Charleroi, PA (USA).