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Multilin 8 Series version 2.0 announcement

Multilin 8 Series delivers patented health monitoring and diagnostics

GE is proud to announce that the Multilin™ 8 Series platform has been enhanced to provide comprehensive protection and asset monitoring for critical feeders, motors, generators, and transformers.

With our innovative technology and design, Multilin 8 series platform is now enhanced with patented asset and environmental monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. This provides early indication of changes to the operating condition of the asset or the relay, enabling a pro-active maintenance approach and extended asset life.

Continuing to drive ease of use and application flexibility, the 8 Series provides configurable Single Line Diagrams through a large full color display for local control, system status and metering which ensures continuous monitoring and asset safety.

Application Specific Enhancements:

Multilin 869 Motor Management System – Delivering proactive motor management with a patented approach to detecting electrical, thermal or mechanical abnormalities, without the cost or complexity of adding additional sensors or discrete devices.

Multilin 850 Feeder Protection System - With 12 switchgear control elements, configurable Single Line Diagram, integrated annunciator panel and user definable push buttons, the Multilin 850 is a one box solutions that simplifies Bay Control and Feeder Management.