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Claudia Cosoreanu: Developing products and solutions that enable the energy transition

Claudia Cosoreanu
Executive - Product Management
GE’s Grid Solutions

Claudia Cosoreanu: Developing products and solutions that enable the energy transition

Claudia Cosoreanu is never bored. That’s because she’s always looking for problems to solve.

She works in R&D for solutions and products development for Grid Automation at GE’s Grid Solutions. She is responsible for strategy development, portfolio management and roadmap, products and solutions development in close collaboration with our customers. Grid Automation is developing products and solutions that enable the energy transition and her team helps develop differentiated offerings that contribute to higher renewables penetration, reduced maintenance costs and increased operations uptime.

Claudia realized she wanted to become an engineer while still in high school because of her fascination with building things on her own and determining ways to fix things that were broken. “I was able to imagine concepts and explain them to others easily,” she said. “My message for young women who want to embrace engineering is that it will never be boring, especially if you keep being curious and keep looking for problems.”

Earlier in her career, she designed industrial control systems for Arcelor Mittal and control and automation systems for Atlantis XV tourist submarine. At GE, she has worked alongside very passionate and experienced people on critical problems that needed innovative solutions, Claudia said. Her roles have taken her across multiple businesses to engage with teams across the globe while allowing her to develop partnerships with customers and launch multiple successful products and solutions. “I have worked in Engineering, Operations, and Product Management, and I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn and grow every day,” she said.

Why energy?
Claudia has worked in the energy industry for 20 years. “The energy segment is compelling because Grid’s mission is to keep the lights on,” she explained. “Because of what we do factories keep humming, children can use their computers to study, families are able to enjoy time together at their dinner table. What we do brings affordable electricity to all and contributes to accelerating the energy transition.”

She believes that working in product development is the best way to have an impact on the way the world works. “You are always creating, innovating, developing new products and solutions to solve critical problems for the industry,” Claudia said. “In the energy industry there are many challenges due to the growth of renewable generation, digitalization of the system from the ground up, and decentralization of the generation sources. Our customers need partners with a high level of expertise to help them find the best solutions for their challenges. And this is what we do!”

In her downtime, Claudia enjoys reading, spending time with her family and, when possible, going for long walks on the beach.