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EPM9900P power quality meter photo

GE Delivers One of the Most Advanced Monitoring Products on the Market Today

Providing high performance power quality analysis functions, the EPM 9900P delivers high accuracy power quality monitoring and transient waveform capture, and reporting data in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and EN 50160 international standards. This provides power system managers with a deep understanding of each circuits’ power usage and reliability.

With up to 4GB of data logging, including 50 MHz transient capture, the EPM 9900P ensures that essential power quality data and events are captured, stored, and time synchronized allowing for comprehensive analysis of events. The EPM 9900P also supports a multitude of communications protocols such as Modbus, DNP3 and 61850 making it easy to integrate and retrieve data into a SCADA or data analysis system. The EPM 9900P is perfect for industrial and utility substation automation applications where both power quality monitoring, high accuracy and easy integration/commissioning are required.