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1st certified Product Environmental Profile (PEP) for GE Renewable Energy’s onshore wind turbine
GE’s Grid Solutions Eco-design team delivers 1st certified Product Environmental Profile (PEP) for GE Renewable Energy’s onshore wind turbine

As the global energy transition continues, customers and regulators increasingly require specific information about a product’s environmental footprint. GE’s Eco-design team addresses that need by offering a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which includes manufacturing information about a product, like the impact of materials production and factory energy consumption and emissions; distribution, including packaging production and transportation; use, in terms of power consumption and maintenance; and end-of-life disposal. The PEP is the document provided once the LCA is done.

GE’s Grid Solutions Eco-design team recently delivered environmental studies for GE Renewable Energy’s Cypress 5.5-158 onshore wind turbine,GE’s largest high efficiency onshore turbine platform which ranges from 4.8 MW to 6.0 MW power output. The LCA covers the tower, including a 72.5 kV g3 gas-insulated substation (GIS) and a 66 kV/14 MVA green transformer, blades and the nacelle.

The Cypress Product Environmental Profile (PEPs) marks the first Grid Eco-design application for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certification registered in the PEP Ecopassport Program.

“We see an increasing need for LCA studies from our customers, and our teams integrating LCA into their product development process and upgrades,” said Yannick Kieffel, Grid Materials and Eco-design Leader at GE’s Grid Solutions.  “With more than 20 years of experience performing environmental studies including LCAs, our GE’s Grid Solutions Eco-design team is recognized as the domain experts by GE businesses seeking to develop solutions to address the global energy transition. Today PEPs have been available for most of our Grid Solutions products,” added Kieffel.