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GE Delivers World's First FCC Certified Router for Anterix™ 900MHz
GE's GridNode Interconnection Protection Solutions

In a world with increasing renewable energy, transmission operators face increased challenges with network interconnections. GE’s GridNode Interconnection Protection delivers SIPS based protection solutions to help solve these challenges.

For a Transmission utility and its operators of interconnected networks the loss of a major transmission line or a load in the network, which can mean instability and reliability issues caused by overvoltage, overfrequency, or overloads within the two networks.

In the same way, the loss of a major source of generation, resulting in a decrease in local generation, can cause under-frequency, under-voltage within a network, or draw too much generation to overload the inter-connection between two networks.

Understanding these issues and the challenges network operators face, GE offers a proven solution based on System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS). These automated solutions delivered through validated application function blocks provide operators with real time actions, visibility and advanced notifications of impending interconnected network separation. With these solutions, GE analyze the systems, develop the scheme and test the system to deliver an operational solution that is ready to deploy.

GE offers two approaches for reducing instabilities and overloads on interconnected networks to provide safety and reliability to these networks. These approaches may be combined or used separately.

  • Contingency action solutions
  • Detection and dampening of system oscillations

Systems Integrity Protection schemes (SIPS) based functions are used in both the solutions for detecting network re-configurations and oscillations and for taking control actions to mitigate these effects.

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