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GE’s Lentronics Cyber Secured Service Unit Provides Improved Protection Against Cyber Threats

GE is excited to announce the availability of the Lentronics™ Cyber Secured Service Unit (CSSU), a new security appliance for GE’s Lentronics JungleMUX SONET and TN1U/Ue SDH Multiplexers. Offered as a plug-in replacement for legacy service and IP service units, the CSSU allows users to meet demanding industrial security standards with improved privacy (encryption), authentication, authorization and accountability of network maintenance activities.

In many parts of the world, regulatory requirements govern the classification of cyber assets and systems, and define procedures to safe-guard against attacks on critical infrastructure within electrical transmission and distribution, and other industrial networks. GE’s new Lentronics Cyber Secured Service Unit not only complies to the latest security standards, but utilizes a full defense-in-depth strategy to further protect the integrity and reliability of these critical infrastructure systems.

Perfect for demanding industrial applications, the Cyber Secured Service Unit protects Lentronics Multiplexers from malicious and unintentional network changes as well as unauthorized user access and remote equipment configuration.