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Version 5.0.0 Announcement
Monitoring and managing the health of your network is a critical consideration when designing, purchasing, and deploying equipment for your communications system. Equally important is ensuring that you maximize your network's return on investment by increasing system throughput and uptime, improving the utilization of networked devices, and finally, supporting the deployment of maintenance resources when problems surface.

This latest release of MDS PulseNET manages more devices with greater control and expanded capabilities.

Improved Collections

  • Collections from MDS Orbit Licensed (LN) or Unlicensed (NX) remotes via the Access Point (AP) for less impact on the network
  • Auto-discovery of the remotes via MDS Orbit LN/NX AP's
  • Topology discovery beyond the MDS Orbit LN/NX by creating additional tail-end links
  • MDS Orbit cellular devices are now polled at different rates with both limited and full polling options
  • GE Reason's S2020/24 configuration and performance collections enhanced

User Interface Improvements

  • Enhanced Summary views for devices in maintenance mode
  • Additional Summary view columns available for customization
  • Rule based alerts and additional details available in Host and Service Monitoring
  • Monitoring of the MDS PulseNET Enterprise user interface
  • Users can now save bookmarks and set their homepage

Updated Change Management & Other New Features

  • High Availability feature enhanced for geographic and database redundancy (currently Windows Server only)
  • MDS Orbit cellular change management is now enabled
  • Additional updates in place for the change management approver requests
  • Batch operations are now supported for all devices being managed for maintenance, decommission, and staging
  • GE Reason's S2020/24 are now supported via Firmware push
  • GE Reason's S2020/24 configuration can now be downloaded on a scheduled basis as well as uploaded