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Nalini Verma: on engineering as a career

Nalini Verma: on engineering as a career
Nalini is a Lead Engineer at GE’s Grid Solutions, where she works on low-voltage secondary engineering projects covering both air-insulated (AIS) and gas-insulated substations (GIS) up to 765 kV as well as electrical balance of plant (EBoP).
“I have always been passionate about enriching my knowledge and then effectively implementing that new knowledge for business growth,” Nalini says. “With GE’s ever-growing technological advancements in support of customer requirements, I particularly enjoy taking on new technical challenges and working on unique solutions—optimizing our engineering innovations to obtain the required results.”

Why more women should become engineers

“Engineering involves many soft skills for problem solving as well as an in-depth knowledge of the subject,” says Nalini, whose first job was as a graduate engineer trainee in the Production and Quality departments at Havells India Limited, a leading electrical home appliances company in India. “Engineering empowers women who have an interest in STEM because it allows them to show both their technical knowledge and their agility.”

How the GE culture empowers women

GE is playing a tremendous role in Nalini’s career advancement, she says. “GE’s transparency, fair practices, coaching, and equal opportunities for enrichment have supported me throughout my career here. Those of us in the engineering team encourage women to become part of our technical family. Women can grow in any function, including STEM. All it takes is great passion, hard work and self-commitment.”

She cites the many great women achievers in GE engineering in various business segments, such as Vera Silva, Chief Technology Officer for Grid Solutions. “Above all, the mentorship I received at GE, especially in my field of work, is beyond words,” Nalini says. “I am grateful for all the technical support I have received within the engineering community and from the most experienced experts and my managers.”

“I am proud of being a part of GE, where empowerment, commitment, knowledge sharing and candor are core values of our working culture,” she says. “It gives a sense of utmost pride that we are putting our efforts into running the business as if we own it!”