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Berlin-Marzahn combined heat and power plant
New network node put into operation at the Berlin-Marzahn combined heat and power plant

On June 3, 2020, a new network node was put into operation by Stromnetz Berlin at its site along with the commissioning of the new and highly efficient Berlin-Marzahn gas and steam combined heat and power plant. The network node, a 110 kV switchgear, distributes, among other things, the power generated by the combined heat and power plant over the network area according to demand. The previous network node was technically obsolete, and its performance was inadequate for the reliable feeding of the energy produced by the new power station into the network. The network node permanently powers four substations in East Berlin and also supplies energy to high-volume clients directly.

Michael Müller, the governing mayor of Berlin says: “Berlin is in need of a future-proof energy supply that is not only reliable, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. With the new Berlin-Marzahn gas and steam combined power plant, along with the new network node, not only is Vattenfall creating the preconditions for more growth, it is also supporting the climate policy goals of the federal state of Berlin. For this purpose, Vattenfall signed a climate protection agreement with the state of Berlin in 2009. The Berlin-Marzahn combined heat and power plant is an important step towards Berlin’s climate neutrality to be achieved by 2050.”

Thomas Schäfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stromnetz Berlin, underlines: “We have invested in cutting-edge technology. The new network node features fully remote control and operation and has 23 switchboards instead of the former eight. This enables us to meet the rising energy demand in East Berlin and to invest in modern, future-proof infrastructure for a growing metropolis.”

Thorsten Schwarz, GE, emphasizes: “On behalf of GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions, we are proud to be part of this project. With our compact F35 gas-insulated switchgear, we have struck the balance between the layout of an existing building on the one hand, and improved access and thus easier maintenance on the other. Our F35 product is generally designed to meet new requirements for future projects of this type, such as the use of alternative CO2-optimized insulation gases. We congratulate Vattenfall, Stromnetz Berlin and all participants in the project on the successful implementation of this important milestone on the way to sustainable energy management in the city of Berlin.”  

As the owner of the power distribution network and related network facilities, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH ensures safe and reliable power distribution for the German capital. Around 2.3 million households and businesses are powered though the network. Stromnetz Berlin GmbH provides a connection for power consumers and network access for power providers. Around 13 billion kilowatt hours of electricity flow through the Berlin power network annually.