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IEC 61850 Communications Now Available for EPM 7000 & EPM 9900 Meters and a Low Voltage Option for the EPM 9900

GE is excited to announce the availability of its enhanced Multilin™ EPM 7000 and EPM 9900 meters now supporting IEC 61850 communications and a low voltage option (EPM 9900). The addition of IEC 61850 capability allows users to standardize setup, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, and provides increased communications flexibility with simultaneous Modbus, DNP and IEC 61850 protocols.

The addition of a low voltage power supply option in the EPM 9900 meter provides the ability to meet application specification requirements and allows customers to use the EPM 9900 meter in Low Voltage DC (18-60VDC) systems.

Perfect for Industrial, Commercial and Utility Applications, the performance enhanced EPM 7000 and 9000 series meters include the attributes required for the highest levels of power quality analysis, communication and accuracy.