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Reason MU320E product photo

Release of our latest communications product, the Reason MU320E

GE is proud to announce the release of our latest communications product, the Reason MU320E. The MU320E (Extended version) builds on the robustness, simplicity, reliability and high-performance communications offered by the Reason range of networking solutions. In applications where there is a need to digitize the output of standard CTs and VTs, while also marshalling binary I/O in the yard, the MU320 is already the product of choice.  The MU320E is the next step in combining the digitization of conventional instrument transformers with a greater complement and capabilities for the binary signals and commands.
Due to doubled digital I/O density, the MU320E now offers the capability to digitize circuit breakers and switches using IEC 61850 specialized logical nodes. Form-C (changeover) contacts and programmable binary input pickup thresholds provide greater accommodation to the multitude of wired I/O schemes that may exist in the yard.
GE has already released a new enhancement (hardware version C) to the Reason S20 range of Managed Ethernet Switches designed to comply with environment and EMC reequipments of IEC 61850-3 edition 2, IEEE 1613:2009 and its extension IEEE 1613.1:2013. Furthermore, hardware version C of the S20 is recognized by UL 60950-1.
In addition to the new hardware design, new software features were included allowing the S20 to operate as a NTP server, meaning that NTP clients connected to it can use the switch as the time source, instead of GPS clocks. In addition to the NTP server operation, the latest firmware (version 07A05) brings new SNMP capabilities such as configuration file upload / download and firmware upgrades can now be managed through a Network Management Software.

To learn more about the Reason MU320E: https://www.gegridsolutions.com/multilin/catalog/mu320e.htm

To learn more about the range of Reason S20 Managed Ethernet Switches: https://www.gegridsolutions.com/communications/catalog/s20.htm