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GE Energy Announces Advanced Stator and Rotor Ground Fault Protection for Generator ApplicationsPDF

GE’s Multilin™ Stator and Field Ground Protection modules provide advanced generator protection, minimizing total generator life-cycle costs and increasing overall system availability.

Markham, Ontario—June 2, 2011 — GE Energy today announced the new Multilin Stator Ground Protection module and the Field Ground Protection module that provide a complete generator monitoring, protection and control solution when used in conjunction with the industry leading Multilin G60 generator protection relay. The advanced stator and field ground protection modules provide easy system configuration, minimizes life-cycle costs and increases system uptime.

GE’s robust Multilin Stator Ground Protection module provides increased protection for the stator winding of the generator by continuously monitoring the integrity of the stator windings during stopped, starting and running conditions. This additional stator protection provides early detection of winding degradation, limiting potentially critical failures, costly asset damage, and system downtime.


GE’s Multilin Field Ground Protection module provides the ability to quickly identify the fault location in the field winding, minimizing operational downtime. The Multilin Field Ground Protection module provides increased protection of the field winding and helps to prevent serious damage to the generator, maximizing operational life span. In addition this device can be configured using either single-point or double-point injection methods, providing increased application flexibility.