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  Support Documents
SMOR-B - Legacy

Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to 350, F60, or F650 relays.

The SMOR Feeder Management System is a microprocessor based multifunction protection, control, and measurement unit. The SMOR uses a set of algorithms to create a general purpose protection and monitoring unit for power electrical systems.

  • Medium voltage lines and feeders
  • Power transformers, main or backup
  • Capacitor banks, busbars and motors

Protection and Control
  • Ground and phase TOC
  • Hiset/loset f instantaneous O/C
  • Hiset/loset ground instantaneous O/C
  • Hiset/loset negative sequence TOC
  • Directional under and overfrequency
  • Directional f and ground unit TOC
  • 3 phase under and overvoltage
  • Zero sequence overvoltage
  • Cold load pickup logic
  • Breaker failure logic
  • Phase rotation selection
  • Multiple settings groups
  • Configurable I/O and logic

Monitoring and Metering
  • Breaker health
  • Trip circuit monitor
  • Failure to close detection
  • Metering: A V W var Hz and cos f
  • Demand ammeter
  • Peak and average I with date and time
  • 165 event record
  • Oscillography available
  • Fault reporting, last 4 stored

User Interface
  • 17 LED indicators
  • LCD display and keypad
  • Front and rear RS232 ports
  • Optional rear fiber optic port
  • M-LINK & Modbus protocol