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Advanced, flexible motor protection using simultaneous communications
Ensure the transfer of critical process control data without jeopardizing system response time or stability, utilizing simultaneous communications available int he Multilin MM300 and MM200

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MM300 / MM200

Dedicated industrial strength networks
Industrial applications depend on a communications highway within the facility to ensure proper operation of both the process and electrical systems. In traditional industrial applications there are two different groups of people that are responsible to ensure the facility maintains continual operation, the Process Control Group, and the Electrical Engineering Group.

The Process and Control group is responsible for set-up and maintenance of the overall process of the facility. The Electrical Engineering group is responsible for troubleshooting problems, maintenance, and fixing the electrical equipment. Each group has their own
Limited electrical information is available to the electrical engineering group
management and control system, each with very different requirements.

In typical refinery applications, there is traditionally one communication network communicating data to both the Electrical Engineering and the Process and Control groups. Since this network is designed with the Process Control groups’ requirements in mind, limited electrical information is available to the Electrical Engineering group.

As a result, the Electrical Engineering group does not have the visibility and remote access to connected loads for essential operational information and statistics required for efficiency. Without remote access to this critical information, remote troubleshooting of electrical system problems are not possible, increasing system downtime.

The MM300 and MM200 provide dedicated communications
With the implementation of the GE Multilin MM300 or MM200 Low Voltage Motor Management Systems, dedicated individual networks for both the Process and Control group and the Electrical Engineering group, is possible.

By having individual networks at field level devices, the MM300 and MM200 provide dedicated communications to the Electrical Engineering Group. This allows full remote access to critical electrical operation information such as; event records, data log files, motor learned data, waveform captures, operational status, full settings files, and troubleshooting.

This also provides the Process and Control group a network designed specifically for the process application ensuring maximum system response and efficiency. With the Multilin MM300 and MM200 motor management systems, simultaneous high-speed communications allow critical information to be transmit remotely, ensuring a higher level of system stability and efficiency, without compromising data integrity.