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New Offline Oil & Quality Analysis with GE’s Perception Fleet Version 1.18

GE is excited to announce the availability of the new Perception™ Fleet Transformer Risk Management Software V1.18, which introduces the inclusion of a new offline oil properties and quality analysis algorithm, and the additional models calculated by the Intellix™ MO150, Hydran™ M2 and Transfix™ Plus devices. The release also includes the ability for users to manually input measurement information in order to perform simulations for apparent power and dynamic loading and the ability to rename measurement points within Perception.

Key highlights include:

  • Ability to risk evaluate and rank transformers using oil analysis data received from a lab.
  • No longer reliant on online monitors to perform transformer condition evaluation and provide risk indexing and asset ranking.
  • More in-depth analysis of transformer health by looking at a variety of oil properties, not only dissolved gas concentration.
  • Additional transformer diagnostics tools in the form of models received from supporting devices.
  • Ability to manipulate and perform simulations on apparent power and dynamic loading models by manually adjusting measured data.
  • Customization of the measurements by renaming measurement field name stored within Perception