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Critical Transformer Fleet Data On-Demand with Enhanced Analytics and Interoperability

GE is excited to announce the latest release of the Perception Fleet Transformer Risk Management Software v1.16, bringing enhanced analytics and simplified data access. Perception Fleet v1.16 introduces an enhanced web browser interface to Perception Fleet, for convenient browsing of Perception data from anywhere with an internet connection on a PC, smart phone or tablet. This release also provides improved analytics, enabling transformer risk evaluation to be performed for transformer with a MINITRANS, HydranM2 and 201Ti or a TAPTRANS. A new algorithm for analyzing transformer OLTC's utilizing the DGA measurements taken by the TAPTRANS monitor has also been created. Furthermore our export and import functionality has been updated to support exportation and creation of full asset's details, including all asset measurements, properties and hierarchy information.

Perception Fleet is GE's Online Transformer Fleet Management Software System that provides a revolutionary and holistic approach for transformer fleet assessments for utilities and industrial customers around the globe. Perception Fleet is a smart, simplified and standards-based software system that moves customers from a manual, one-on-one transformer assessment process to an automated and online fleet management assessment. By evaluating the condition of assets and establishing their risk of failure, Perception Fleet is able to prioritize and rank assets within a fleet.

The Perception Fleet software with web browser interface provides customers comprehensive transformer fleet condition rankings, transformer risk information, and expert analysis on-demand, removing time-consuming and costly manual processes as well as unnecessary maintenance, helping focus capital and reduce operational expenses.