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Articles & Announcements

Introducing GE’s MDS Orbit Edge-Connect Router & New Extended Licensed Frequency Support

GE is excited to announce the addition of the MDS™ Orbit Edge-Connect Router (ECR) to the MDS Orbit portfolio of products. The MDS Orbit is a wireless communications networking platform designed with a common operating system, device management tools, and a comprehensive networking and cyber-security framework. These commonalities in the platform were built to significantly reduce the overall learning time for users, simplify the set-up and commissioning of communication networks, and enable the deployment of a variety of configurations and topologies.

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GE Expands Metering Communications Capabilities for Building & Energy Management Systems

GE announces communication enhancements to their compact and economical Multilin EPM 2200 Power Meter. Supporting simultaneous BACnet MS/TP and Modbus Ethernet communications, the EPM 2200 makes it easy to add metering capabilities to new or existing power systems, simplifying the integration of metering data into Building Management and Energy Management systems.

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GE Expands Its Substation Automation Portfolio With Local Substation HMI & Substation Controller

GE is pleased to introduce two exciting new advancements in its Substation Automation solutions portfolio: PowerLink™ Connect and Multilin™ D20MX v1.5. PowerLink Connect is GE’s newest full-featured, web-enabled, local HMI system for Substation and Control Room Operations. The Multilin D20MX v1.5 extends substation connectivity with the ability to amalgamate data from substation devices via industry standard communications channels to execute local logic.

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Hardening the Grid: A view into the unsung value of Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers are critical to the protection, control and measurement of a power system. Designed to endure the most extreme weather conditions, these devices are used to isolate or transform voltage or current levels. GE is pleased to share our latest infographic highlighting the incredible value of these workhorses of the electrical infrastructure. From their ability to protect critical assets to the measurement of billions of dollars of electricity, instrument transformers – including GE’s SUPERBUTE product line – are a crucial link in any electrical network.

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New Offline Oil & Quality Analysis with GE’s Perception Fleet Version 1.18

GE is excited to announce the availability of the newest release of the Perception™ Fleet Transformer Risk Management Software. Perception Fleet V1.18 introduces new offline oil properties, a quality analysis workflow, and additional models calculated by the Intellix MO150, Hydran M2 and Transfix Plus devices. The release also includes the ability for users to manually input measurement information to perform simulations for apparent power and dynamic loading, and the ability to rename measurement points.

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Accurate and Reliable Performance with GE’s IEC MV Instrument Transformers

GE’s medium voltage (MV) instrument transformers for the IEC market are engineered to provide reliable performance with a maintenance-free design that complies to global design standards. Customers can realize a number of key benefits from GE’s instrument transformers including high reliability, fast response times, and the ability to customize solutions to meet specific needs.

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GE’s Lentronics Cyber Secured Service Unit Provides Improved Protection Against Cyber Threats

GE is excited to announce the availability of the Lentronics™ Cyber Secured Service Unit (CSSU), a new security appliance for GE’s Lentronics JungleMUX SONET and TN1U/Ue SDH Multiplexers. Offered as a plug-in replacement for legacy service and IP service units, the CSSU allows users to meet demanding industrial security standards with improved privacy (encryption), authentication, authorization and accountability of network maintenance activities.

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Multilin Adds Redundancy Protocols to its 350 and F650 Protection Relays

GE is excited to announce the availability of its enhanced Multilin™ 350 and F650 protection relays, now supporting seamless redundancy protocols (IEC 62439) including Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), and High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR). These additions increase network availability and reliability with zero recovery time in the event of communications failures for critical applications. The inclusion of IEEE 1588 (Precise Timing Protocol) provides the benefit of accurate Ethernet-based time synchronization.

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Multilin D400 v5.01 Now Supports PRP, Analog Report Generation and a Third Ethernet Port

GE is excited to announce the availability of its latest Multilin™ D400 firmware, version 5.01. This firmware release includes Analog Report Generation for increased operational and non-operational analog data management, as well as increased reliability and availability of data transmission.

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Achieve Optimized Designs for Wind Plant Collector Systems with GE’s Wind Collector Optimization Service

GE is excited to announce the availability of its Wind Collector Optimization Service, which provides customers in the wind renewable energy segment with a comprehensive optimization service for collector systems. The service provides initial consultation to a completed and validated design.

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IEC 61850 Communications Now Available for EPM 7000 & EPM 9900 Meters and a Low Voltage Option for the EPM 9900

GE is excited to announce the availability of its enhanced Multilin™ EPM 7000 and EPM 9900 meters now supporting IEC 61850 communications and a low voltage option (EPM 9900). The addition of IEC 61850 capability allows users to standardize setup, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, and provides increased communications flexibility with simultaneous Modbus, DNP and IEC 61850 protocols.

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Delivering an Updated Implementation of the IEC 61850 Standard for Simplified Device and Network Management

GE is excited to announce the availability of the latest Multilin™ Universal Relay (UR) Firmware, version 7.3. The latest feature enhancements now available in the Multilin UR Platform include improved and updated implementation of the IEC 61850 standard aligned with Edition 2, XML based relay configuration, a comprehensive set of logical nodes and configurable buffered and unbuffered reports among others benefits.

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GE’s I-210+c Smart Grid Residential Meter Integrates Latest Silver Spring Networks Communications Platform

GE’s most advanced residential smart grid electricity metering product, the I-210+c, has extended its support of AMI communications systems, integrating Silver Spring Networks latest MicroAP communications platform. As an integrated unit, GE has combined the accuracy and flexibility of the I-210+c metering platform with the ability to communicate over an existing cellular or RF mesh communications network utilizing Silver Spring Critical Infrastructure Networking Platform.

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Enhanced Safety, Premium Reliability and Uninterrupted Service with GE’s SUPERBUTE Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers perform a critical role in the management of power delivery systems by providing the inputs to measurement, protection and control equipment. Therefore, accurate, reliable performance with a long-service life is vital. GE’s SUPERBUTE dry-type instrument transformers are engineered and rigorously tested to provide a measureable difference in reliability and durability. Since the very first unit produced in 1955, SUPERBUTE instrument transformers have provided utilities with a number of benefits for enhanced safety and a lower total cost of ownership.

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Achieve Accelerated Revenue, Reduced Cost and Simplified Logistics with GE’s EBoP Solutions for Packaged Substations

GE is excited to announce the availability of its innovative solution for the distributed power segment. GE’s Electrical Balance of Plant (EBoP) Packaged Substations for the TM2500 application is a pre-engineered, pre-packaged and pre-tested solution that provides full HV, MV, and LV functionality in modular ISO standard shipping containers.

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Improve Visualization and Integration with GE's EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring Software

GE is excited to announce the availability of its enhanced EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring software offering updated operating system compatibility, increased device support, and new licensing options, providing customers with both greater flexibility in device/point counts as well as a Windows Server Installation options.

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GE's Next-Generation MDS Master Station Provides High Network Availability

GE is excited to announce the release of its new MDS Master Station for use in licensed narrowband networks using both SD Series and legacy x710 radios. The MDS Master Station is GE's next generation high availability solution providing exceptional reliability for use at the core of a network or as a streaming repeater. It is fully backward compatible with our previous generation x790 Master Stations.

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Critical Transformer Fleet Data On-Demand with Enhanced Analytics and Interoperability

GE is excited to announce the latest release of the Perception Fleet Transformer Risk Management Software v1.16, bringing enhanced analytics and simplified data access. Perception Fleet v1.16 introduces an enhanced web browser interface to Perception Fleet for convenient browsing of Perception data from anywhere with an internet connection on a PC, smart phone or tablet. This release also provides improved analytics, a new algorithm for analyzing transformer OLTC's, and export and import functionality has been updated to support exportation and creation of full asset's details.

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Robust, Maintenance Free Voltage Regulation Solutions

The voltage on modern distribution circuits is becoming increasing difficult to manage. New distributed energy resources, such as solar, combined with the growth of sophisticated loads creates voltage challenges on distribution network systems. GE helps address these challenges by providing robust and reliable voltage regulation solutions.

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Reduce Smart Meter Installation Costs with GE's SGM1100 IEC Smart Energy Meter

GE is excited to announce the latest release of the SGM1100 IEC Smart Energy Meter, designed with the customer and installer in mind. The SGM1100 provides advanced energy management and power quality monitoring with easy access to critical information for residential and commercial energy applications using PRIME™ PLC AMI communications.

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Multilin EnerVista Integrator v7.10 Provides Improved System Compatibility and Device Support

The Multilin EnerVista Integrator enables seamless integration with GE's Multilin products, and reduces the time and effort required to obtain data such as values, events and waveforms from field devices. Multilin EnerVista Integrator v7.10 provides improved enterprise integration with updated operating system compatibility as well as enhanced device support (firmware/device updates) for rapid system integration.

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Non Draw Out Design for Multilin 3 Series Relays Provides Economical Flexibility

GE announces the availability of non draw out options for the Multilin 3 Series Relays. Non draw out designs are available for the Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relay, Multilin 339 Motor Protection Relay and Multilin 345 Transformer Protection Relay. The non draw out 3 Series Relays offer the same protection, control and metering features as those available on the draw out relays, and are ideal for customers who require an effective economical solution without compromising performance.

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Effective Life Cycle Management and NERC-CIP Integration for Existing Multilin™ D20 Installations

GE announces the availability of the latest Advanced Substation Automation Controller – the Multilin D20MX version 1.3. the Multilin D20MX is a specialized computing platform designed to execute communications and energy management applications for the monitoring and control of electrical substations. Built on advanced technologies, field-proven deployment and backwards compatible for existing Multilin D20 installations, the D20MX provides customers effective life cycle management by minimizing operation, maintenance and upgrade costs while providing effective integration into the NERC-CIP environment.

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Lentronics™ E1 Multiplexers Extend Networks Beyond SDH Rings and Minimize Required Capacity

The Lentronics E1MX and E1MXe Multiplexers are powerful, flexible and reliable solutions for converged service networks that extend networks optically or electrically beyond the SDH backbone ring and are managed by the VistaNET NMS software. The Lentronics E1MX and E1MXe Multiplexers extend critical channel access into harsh utility environments over microwave radio, leased line and dedicated fiber optic or copper cable networks.

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GE: Time to Rethink Electric Utility Regulation

GE (NYSE: GE) today released a new report outlining the benefits of modernizing the power grid, hurdles that impede the upgrade of U.S. electrical infrastructure and how moving to a results-driven regulatory model could support the transition to an efficient, reliable and sustainable power system.

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Faster power system implementation with GE’s Substation Controls in a Box

GE introduces the Substation Controls in a Box, an integrated packaged solution that offers a flexible and quality solution for distribution utility and industrial substation applications. The Substation Controls in a Box helps owners to get their new substation up and running faster and less costly compared  with traditionally built substations.

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Multilin™ DGPR Provides a Fully Integrated Retrofit Solution for the Multilin DGP Generator Protection Relay

GE announces the availability of the Multilin DGPR, the next generation, fully integrated retrofit option for GE’s Multilin DGP Generator Protection Relay. The Multilin DGPR is a UR G60-based, one-to-one replacement of the DGP relay, providing customers secure, high-speed protection elements, advanced fault and disturbance recording, and EnerVista™ software capabilities. The Multilin DGPR is well suited for large hydro, gas and steam turbine generators.

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GE’s ML3000 Series of Ethernet Switches Maintain Adaptability While Offering More Features

GE announces the latest developments in the MultiLink ML3000 Series of Hardened Ethernet Switches, which provide customers IEEE 1588v2 boundary clock and transparent clock support for high precision timing applications, and field replaceable power supply options. The latest release of the MultiLink ML3000 extends the MultiLink portfolio, while providing security and reliability.

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Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostic Software Enables Fast and Reliable Decision Making

GE's portfolio of Perception™ transformer monitoring and diagnostic software has been designed to help maintenance engineers and asset managers monitor and diagnose transformer data collected by GE's Monitoring & Diagnostics range of on-line monitoring units. By providing access to this valuable data along with powerful diagnostic tools, Perception enables decisions to be made quickly and reliably, helping to extend the life of transformers, reduce unplanned outage, and avoid catastrophic failure.

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EnerVista™ Integrator Software Decreases Setup and Commissioning

EnerVista Integrator enables seamless integration with GE Multilin™ devices for new or existing automation systems through tested, pre-configured memory maps. EnerVista Integrator reduces the setup and commissioning efforts required to obtain device, event and waveform data by over 90%. This allows for easy integration into an HMI, SCADA or DCS system.

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Making the Grid Smarter

GE teams up with utility AEP to bring smart grid technologies to the market. Now customers can make smarter decisions about how they use their power. Better communications between the meter and the grid helps AEP improve the quality and reliability of their services for residential and business customers.

OG&E deploys GE Smart Meters

Oklahoma Gas & Electric is deploying 6,600 GE Smart Meters to bring real time energy usage data into homes, enabling power consumers to reduce usage during peak hours and save money.

Investing in Holistic Smart Grid City

Energy Smart Florida, an energy efficiency initiative, is spurring a $200 million investment in smart grid technology and renewable energy over the next two years. This joint effort among GE, Florida Power & Light, Cisco Systems and Silver Spring Networks, has the potential to be the most extensive, holistic smart grid city implementation in the US.

Houston Smart Grid Communications

GE enables CenterPoint Energy's Advanced Metering System by providing a wireless communications network that supports the transmission of electric utility meter data to CenterPoint's existing private network.

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