Icebreaker for the Chilean Navy’s Antarctic Expeditions

GE Power Conversion was chosen by ASMAR Shipyards to provide the complete scope of a marine integrated electric power and propulsion system for the Chilean Navy’s Antarctic ice breaking Polar Class vessel. It replaced the retired icebreaker to continue the navy’s Antarctic expedition for search and rescue missions, scientific research, logistic support and resupplying bases in the Chilean Antarctic Territory.


“The ice-going capabilities require the machinery onboard the vessel, such as the main propulsion, to be highly robust to ensure the safety and the survivability of the vessel.

That is not all. Given the vessel’s specific mission profile, we are also looking for clean propulsion technology that will meet the requirement of the highly stringent environment regulations in the Antarctic area. GE’s one-stop solution is the answer to all these challenges,” Lieutenant Commander Jorge Maldonado, project manager for the Chilean Navy.

chilean icebreaker


GE’s Clean Technology is an Enabler to Meeting Stringent Environment Requirements in Antarctic Waters.

  • The 110 meter-long vessel will have GE’s full marine LV electric propulsion system to power and propel the vessel
  • Commercial off-the-shelf technology to high-performance marine standards
  • Installed power of 14.5MW
  • AFE drives scalable in 1MW power blocks to deliver required maximum propulsion power
  • Power blocks also drive the bow thruster
  • Over-torque for ice operations
  • GE’s SeaLyte Dynamic Positioning (DP) System
  • GE’s Vessel Control and Power Management Systems
  • Lloyd’s Register PC 5 polar class notation
  • Strong ice breaking capability of the vessel, capable of breaking 1 meter of ice at 3 knots.


  • Demonstrates the value of a full-system solution in meeting multi-role mission power demands.
  • True ‘power partner’, reducing the customer’s project team burden: GE know-how, supply chain management and manufacture, integration and interface management to achieve improved reliability, de-risking the project.
  • Our cutting-edge clean technology also stands out as a key differentiator to enable a cleaner marine environment, building a vessel that is fit for its mission.