Cybersecurity solutions

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Industrial Control and Automation Systems are becoming more and more complex and intra-connected. Increased connectivity brings new operational cybersecurity risks and threats.


At Power Conversion, we support and develop systems for critical infrastructures from Metals & Mining, Power & Wind to Oil and Gas & Transportation. As cyber-security threats are everchanging, we continuously integrate cybersecurity into our latest products and offer cyber-security upgrades to our existing installed base to ensure product life cycle support.

At Power Conversion we have also developed an operational Technology (OT) Cyber program based on the NIST & IEC62443 Frameworks for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and other leading industry practices. This includes, but not limited to, designating a Product Security Lead (PSL), a defined product security program framework, a well-structured governance model, and product-level security controls (e.g., remote access, access management, logging and monitoring).

As a result, Power Conversion’s automation and controls platforms are aligned with the NIST RMF framework, IEC standards 62443 (security level 1 to 3), IEC62351 and IEC61508 for cyber security and integrity, and with specific industry sector requirements such as IMO & IACS E26 E27 security guidelines. The platforms are Exida and Achilles certified.

What is OT cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity of OT (Operational Technology) systems is the protection of asset (sensitive, hardware, application, process and data) in industrial control systems.

Principal security attributes for OT systems are different to IT systems:

  1. Availability - The asset is available and functional.
  2. Integrity - The asset was not modified by unauthorized access.
  3. Authenticity - The asset or actor has genuine origin.
  4. Confidentiality - No unauthorized disclosure of the asset.

OT cybersecurity is deployed through people, process and technology.

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At Power Conversion we can help you better understand the IEC62443 measures and propose solutions from minimum cyber upgrade packages to premium hardening offers and specific Long-Term Services offers.

What can we help our customers with?

Our service spans from identification of your risk to detailed cyber security risk analysis and mitigation plan and risk monitoring (either one time, or for the longer term within a dedicated long term service cyber contract).

Cyber security is a global need especially for critical infrastructures and utilities. This helps prevent local service disruption and supply chain issues with global impact. Financial loss from ransomware can also be disrupting.

As you might be aware, as per regulation NIS2, utilities and critical infrastructures are required to detect and report all cyberattacks on their systems to the local relevant authorities, or else suffer a 2% fine on their yearly revenues. At Power Conversion, we can help detect these attacks in real time using our ICSGuard product.

Note that 46% of all cyber-attacks in the OT environment go undetected and the average total cost of a data breach is about $4MM. Something to think about to secure your future.