Power Conversion’s product portfolio includes a wide range of low voltage drives for most industrial applications. Building on long-term experiences, we have a track record as innovators with an imaginative approach to the design and development of the next generation of advanced drives enabling greater energy-savings, increased productivity and reliability, high accuracy with purpose-designed features and functionality.


With expertise in products from power ratings of 25kW up to 5MW and voltages from 200 up to 690VAC, Power Conversion's references include high performance drive solutions for testing high dynamic applications with our LV8 Platform, drive systems for industrial mission-critical applications with our LV7 Platform or compact & highly reliable marinized drives with our LV3 Platform.


Lowering risk and increasing productivity - Power Conversion services include all support for utilities and farm operators to protect assets, keep critical processes running, minimize risk and maximize productivity. We deliver original equipment spares around the world as well as repair, refurbish and upgrade customer systems with the latest technology.

We offer risk protection through performance-based contracts based on our system experience and sophisticated application calculations. Through advanced digital platforms, we deliver expert onsite and remote emergency 24/7 support through our service contact center, interventions and planned maintenance customized to meet unique customer requirements.

Explore our training program for engineers, programmers, maintenance, and operations personnel to increase the skill level and knowledge of your employees to help drive operational efficiency of your assets.


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