Building service contracts adapted to your operational model

As a 125-year OEM, we are experts designing tailored maintenance programs hand in hand with our customers, to help them minimize outages, and ensure the right level of support at the right time.

Thanks to the versatility of our service offering by blocks, we can configure a plan tailored to our customer’s assets needs, across a wide range of industry segments. We have deep expertise in Marine (Transportation, Offshore, Navy), Power Generation, Wind, Hydro, MetalsMiningResearch & Test and Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, LNG).

Designed to be at your side whenever you need us

To help minimize your risk of losses due to downtime and repairs, Power Conversion offers Service Agreements adapted to your operational requirements.

We understand that any unplanned outage might result in significant costs. To keep your process with the minimum interruption, we offer access to a 24/7 hotline. Through this process, the issue will be logged, and remote support provided with the right level of expert. If you are on contract, Power Conversion ensures that your issues will be accorded the highest priority in order to be solved within the quickest possible time.

Now, the early detection of equipment degradation is also critical to reduce downtime, therefore significant losses. Leveraging our OEM and fleet experience, we will recommend a maintenance plan aligned with your operational model and working schedule, to help ensure the availability of your assets and maximize life cycle.

Furthermore, to diagnose and prognose failures, we may offer real time monitoring of your assets through our VISOR solution with data historian, as well as diagnostics through our Digital Suite - Asset Performance Management Solution (APM).

Key benefits aligned to your operational risks

For any type of equipment, unplanned outages increase along with the equipment’s aging.

Our service contractual agreements give you:

  • Priority access to our hot line of experts on troubleshooting
  • A dedicated resource to contact day to day
  • A minimized field service engineer mobilization time
  • Scheduled maintenance aligned to your planned outages that reduce the risk of failure, therefore minimize downtime and losses
  • Dedicated resident engineer trained on our products that can reinforce your local engineering team and provide you enhanced capabilities especially on remote sites
  • KPI monitoring and obsolescence management that helps you make the strategic decision to minimize your risk
  • Services+ Asset Performance Management (APM) that allows early detection of potential failures to help customer find an early solution of the problem and budget

Risk of cyber attacks are getting more and more common in every industry. As part of our contractual agreements we can deploy our best experts to audit your system and recommend enhanced cyber secure solutions.


  • Minimized risk of losses with planned maintenance and health check to detect issues
  • Reduced response time to unplanned events/issues with priority access to our experts remotely or dispatched field service engineers
  • Maintenance cost reduction with fixed scheduled rates (labor and spares)
  • Unplanned events cost reduction with our bank of labor hours at fixed rates
  • Potential to prognostic failures with real time assets monitoring and KPI reporting
  • Specific performance guarantees
  • Marine specific:
    • Minimized energy footprint by optimizing fuel consumption and reducing emissions
    • Improved drilling process efficiency and reduced maintenance costs by transitioning from calendar bases to usage base maintenance plans