Static Frequency & Excitation

The combination of Static Excitation Equipment (SEE) and a Static Frequency Converter (SFC) enables smooth generator starting while managing grid power variation, with one single interface to the power plant control.

Power Conversion’s SEE can be tailored to many types and sizes of power plants, synchronous condensers, and hydro plants. Our sleek and modular design supports your operations even if space is limited. We provide performance upgrades of your existing systems, help increasing the reliability of power plants and supporting the efficiency of your operations.


  • Combined SFC/SEE system
  • Modular design based on generator supplier requirements
  • One control system and hardware platform
  • Minimal footprint
  • Reduced time for installation and commissioning
  • Combined spare parts package
  • Obsolescence Management – Upgrades (CMUs)
  • Studies for conversions to synchronous condenser with SFC and SEE
  • Grid studies

We provide state-of-the-art SFC technology for main generators, which often have to be started and run-up at short notice.

Power Conversion is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of SEMIPOL SEE units, with an installed base of more than 1,000 systems in the field.

The static excitation system provides the necessary field current for synchronous generators from 20 MW to 1,000 MW.

System capabilities
  • SEE current: up to 8,000 A (12,000 A peak)
  • SEE voltage: up to 960 V (1,000 V peak)
  • AC-MCB
  • Black Start
  • Hot Redundancy Thyristor Bridge /Controller channel
  • Initial Excitation
  • Test Excitation
  • DC-Breaker or de-excitation over fast de-excitation module
  • Cross Start
  • Brushless Exciter/Antiductor:
    • Nominal Voltage up to 690 V
    • Nominal Current up to 500 A
General Electric

SFC Static Frequency Converter

  • Air-cooled
    • Up to 3.5 kV
    • Up to 18 MW
  • Water-cooled
    • Up to 21 kV
    • Up to 60 MW
  • 6p/6p
  • 12p/6p
  • Cross Start
  • Start Excitation
  • Controller channel
  • 2nd SFC Channel (with hot swapping)
General Electric