Var Speed/Doubly Fed

Variable speed applications for pumped storage power plants (PSPP) allow a higher head range and therefore become a more economically viable option. Variable speed applications with AC excitation work with a doubly fed asynchronous machine. The converter equipment is designed for the requested slip range of the machine. Hereby the converter size is much lower compared to the overall power of the machine set.


GE Power Conversion provides reliable and efficient converter equipment for the AC excitation system. Our converter equipment is fulfilling all grid requirements e.g. LVRT/HVRT and harmonic contents and supports you to optimize your operations. Our Doubly Fed topology increases efficiency through speed optimization and supports grid control by providing a 30% power in pump mode variation. Particularly for hydro applications, GE Power Conversion’s system solution reduces turbine wear and provides higher dynamic power control, supporting and optimizing grid stability.


System capabilities
  • Doubly Fed Induction Generator/Motor DFIM
  • Full reversible four quadrants operation
  • Variable speed in turbine and motor modes
  • Power adjustment in a wide range
  • Statcom mode
  • MV7 product line 3kV and 6kV voltage level
  • Low voltage solution available for a range of 15MW up to 60MW machine power
  • Water-cooled
  • Easy maintenance
  • Start-up and black start operation possible as option