Electrical rotating machines life cycle management

Our global expertise at your service

Power Conversion has over 100 years of experience in designing and building rotating machines –motors and generators– and maintaining them in the most challenging environments around the world.

Our product range covers from the smallest medium voltage electrical rotating machines to custom made large units, up to 80 MW, as well as their operating and protection controls. Our aftermarket fleet of over 70,000 rotating machine assets, spread over 150 countries worldwide, that we’ve served for a century. Our experience in all energy, industry and transportation sectors is broad and deep.


Maintenance adapted to
your needs

Our centers of excellence, regional service offices and approved partner network provide “at the door” contact with you and ensure you will get state of the art services, both in your GE and non-GE units, with OEM warranty.

We cover your needs, with full original design data, in a wide range of legacy units.

Our aim is to help you manage servicing your electrical rotating machines through their whole life cycle, maximizing its availability, reliability and duration, while minimizing downtime, from installation & commissioning to final replacement or even storage out of service.


  • Service solutions adapted to your needs
  • Full design and manufacturing capability
  • GE worldwide fleet experience backed expertise
  • Access to vast GE network of additional services
  • OEM backed warranty
  • Available for both your GE and non-GE rotating machines
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