We are trusted by the world’s leading navies and coast guards to energize their missions.  From full naval-specification, high voltage electric grids for power and propulsion to cost-effective hybrid electrification options.

A new naval era is emerging, fast. Fleets need to be mission-configurable, highly capable for military advantage, adaptable for technology insertion, and affordable. 

The critical enabler is energy.  It unlocks military effects, speed, responsiveness, endurance and connectivity.  Through electrification, smart automation and control, energy in the electric ship’s grid is scalable and flexible, ready to supply high-energy defense systems and integrate cleaner, more efficient energy technologies.

​We have the most electric and hybrid ship system references, leading in applications from the largest, complex warships to the latest support and patrol ships.  We bring specialist naval engineering with a commercial mindset, unlocking the benefits of electrification right across the fleet.



General Electric

Aircraft Carriers

GE provides the complete high voltage Ship’s Electric Grid, with the latest QE class ship references producing, distributing and managing over 100 MW electricity to supply integrated, full electric power and propulsion (IFEP) right across the operating base.  Shock-rated and highly flexible design layouts.

General Electric

Destroyers & Frigates

GE is trusted to energize the world’s latest destroyer and frigate programs with reliable power and propulsion. Solutions range from integrated full electric to compact hybrid-electric, providing options for the largest, energy-intensive ships for ASW to lighter frigates.  The Ship’s Electric Grid is the choice of navies wanting to future-proof scalable electric power for next generation, high-energy combat systems.

General Electric

Corvettes & Patrol

We combine extensive commercial electric drive ship experience with deep domain naval and coast guard experience to provide cost-effective electrification solutions for light combat and offshore patrol ships.  Electric and hybrid power systems are perfect choices for modern, multi-role ships seeing increased mission system power demand but needing sustainable, energy-efficient performance for patrol duties.

General Electric

Amphibious Ships

Our full integrated- and hybrid-electric power and propulsion systems provide the energy and maneuverability required to manage navies’ renewed focus on amphibious fleets’ expeditionary missions, advanced command and control and combat systems, and provide excellent fuel efficiency in electric mode at slow speed loitering.

General Electric

Logistics & Auxiliary Vessels

The latest generation of support ships designed to replenish and refuel fast combat fleets benefits from integrated electric and hybrid ship solutions to provide energy efficiency required for the broad range of speed and operational RAS duties. Advanced automation and control systems include dynamic positioning for vessel tracking and precise position-holding.

General Electric

Special Platforms

Specialist support and operational vessels are an important part of navies’ and coast guards' total capability, from research and survey vessels to rescue ships and icebreakers.  Whether the needs are lower carbon options and energy-efficiency for extended missions or low acoustic signatures, power for mission systems or enhanced maneuverability, GE has proven, cost-effective electric ship and energy management systems in both commercial and naval sectors.

General Electric


Solutions and support services for SSK boat requirements, including specialist, low-noise motors and power electronics for power and propulsion, energy storage and management. Integrated system test capability.

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