Naval Electric Power & Propulsion

GE Power Conversion has an industry-leading, complete range of electric ship technologies for a total electric ship solution, and decades of naval sector experience with 13 different navies around the world.

GE’s powerful electrical networks and equipment are capable of supporting a ship’s energy requirements, including propulsion, high-power sensors, service loads and pulse power for defense systems.

Options include integrated full-electric or hybrid-systems.

GE’s dependable naval technologies are shock rated and proven on naval applications from 3MW to 110MW, and include naval electric motors and generators, switchboards, power converters, power management and automation and control systems. Our naval center of excellence teams bring integrated system design expertise, built on deep understanding of naval standards, vessels and lifecycle demands.

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Naval electric power and propulsion

Integrated full electric power and propulsion (IFEP) solutions provide the greatest flexibility in vessel layout, power scalability and maintainability. Without having a fixed mechanical drive shaft through the ship, powerful electric propulsion motors can be located around the vessel to help maximize available space and separation for improved survivability

The Ship’s Electric Grid is hugely versatile, and electric drive ships are just as suited to smaller, lower voltage, more commercial-spec ships in naval and coastguard fleets as to the biggest, higher voltage combat ships. Both are able to combine power for propulsion and on-board equipment in one system.

IFEP solutions are ideal to help future-proof growing power demands across the ship’s life, including for high-energy combat systems, and to ‘plug-in’ future technology, for example of clean energy sources.

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Naval hybrid electric power solutions

Hybrid electric solutions are available in gear-mounted or direct-drive, shaft-mounted electric motor configurations, principally combined in a hybrid with gas turbines or diesel engines with the mode depending on speed, for example. Compact, transformerless drives are ideal for vessel space constraints.

In this way, hybrid solutions help to improve the ship’s fuel economy and can provide the best low-noise performance. Power take-off is an energy-efficient option for weapons, sensors and ship service.

A range of other hybrid configurations is available. Find out more in our Energy Efficiency & Decarbonization solutions.

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General Electric

Submarine solutions

GE Power Conversion’s specialist subsea system expertise is applied to SSK applications needing reliable, compact electric power and propulsion systems.

Design authority and technology capabilities include advanced, low acoustic signature electric propulsion motors, generators, energy storage and efficient DC distribution architectures and equipment.


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