Var Speed/Fully Fed

White paper

Variable speed applications for pumped storage power plants (PSPP) allow a higher head range and therefore become a more economically viable option. Variable speed applications with a Fully Fed topology work with a synchronous machine. The converter equipment is placed between the machine and the grid for decoupling of the machine frequency from the grid side. The converter is feeding the full power of the machine set to the grid and can be operated in the most suitable speed range, making it adaptable for your needs.


Power Conversion provides efficient and reliable converter equipment as well as the excitation system for synchronous machines. Our converter equipment is fulfilling all grid requirements e.g. LVRT/HVRT and harmonic contents, supporting the efficiency of your operations. Particularly for hydro applications, our variable speed solution provides additional flexibility to the grid, delivering 100% of pumping power adjustment. With our solution, existing Fixed PSPP can be revamped to variable speed applications. Power Conversion’s variable speed applications with a Fully Fed topology provide a power in pump mode variation and a higher dynamic power control, supporting and optimizing grid stabilization.


System capability
  • Synchronous generator/motor
  • Full reversible four quadrants operation
  • Variable speed in turbine and motor modes
  • Power adjustment in a wide range
  • Statcom mode
  • MV7 product line 6 kV voltage level
  • MM7 product line based on MMC technology
  • Water-cooled
  • Easy maintenance