Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Management - reduced risk through proactive analysis

The most effective way to reduce risk and avoid long downtimes is by being prepared for equipment failures and by taking a proactive approach to mitigating risk and impact of such failures. GE Power Conversion can perform a thorough analysis on your equipment and propose proactive actions to optimize your spare parts management. In performing such an analysis, the following factors will be considered:

  • Are you prepared for a failure scenario? Do you know which equipment and components are critical for keeping your process running?
  • In case of failure, how long can downtime last and how much will
    be the financial impact ?
  • What types of parts typically wear out or fail ? How long will it take to
    procure these parts?
  • Are there commonalities among other equipment on site? Is it possible to stock parts that can cover multiple assets?
  • Will your operational expenditure and risk be lower if spares are available on site?
General Electric

Spare Parts Obsolescence Management

With rapid technological advancements, spare parts tend to become obsolete at some point. To help reduce the impact of obsolescence on your equipment and to enable you to plan ahead, GE proactively works with suppliers to identify upcoming obsolescence at an early stage. We support you with obsolescence studies specific to your equipment. We also offer last time buy of parts when possible to help you stock up on parts that are nearing end of life or will no longer be manufactured.

If you would like to request for an obsolescence study, please contact us