GE Power Conversation’s STATCOMs are based on our proven range of Voltage Source Converters with demonstrated capability in energy and industrial applications such as rail, wind power, mining, melting shops and other industries using IGBT technology.

A STATCOM offers better dynamic performance than an SVC, in particular a faster response time as well as the ability to generate or absorb reactive power when the grid voltage drops or rises, respectively. It therefore helps to increase the reliability and availability of grid operations. A STATCOM is also well suited for industrial applications to reduce voltage flicker e.g. generated by electrical arc furnaces.


STATCOM system capability
  • Valve based on IGBT press-pack technology
  • Power range up to ±300 MVAr
  • Stepless adjustable cos phi
  • Transformer to connect to high voltage grid
  • Air-or water-cooled
  • Air-conditioned option
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Controls based on industry standard components
  • Containerized options
  • IT-Security and secure remote access


  • Well-proven technology for reliable operation
  • Local grid strengthening and VAr support for higher productivity and power quality
  • Easy to integrate into new and existing grid infrastructure
  • Helps reduce network extension investment costs
  • Meets grid code compliance requirements
  • Modular hardware for maximum flexibility and optimized footprint
  • Low noise emissions –audible and electrical


GE Technology Delivered to Adani Transmission for Ensuring High Power Quality