Spare parts warehouse

Managing spare parts warehouses and logistics for all the OEM parts

At GE Power Conversion, we ship your spare parts to anywhere in the world and provide reliable transportation and storage solutions to customers.

General Electric

As leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of electrical drives and rotating machines, GE Power Conversion’s bonded warehouse has a dedicated storage area for spare parts which can ship anywhere in the world as per customer requirements.

Here we have an advanced label process to track and manage inventory stock. All parts are appropriately packaged to ensure the integrity of critical components during storage and shipping, besides customized packaging is also available to meet the customers requirement. Our customs team is on site and able to assist with all export documentation needs.


  • Sustainable warehouse
  • Active Carbon Footprint reduction
  • 24/7 working
  • Personalized packing
  • Jacket packing (Repair box)
  • Maritime packaging SEI4C
  • Single piece storage on site up to 3,500 kg
  • On site customs team offering:
    • Export documentation such as EXA, ATR, Attested CO
    • Import clearance