GE Power Conversion drives can substantially improve the quality and efficiency of your process or production. Our Dynamic Static VAR Compensators use a proven technology that provides power quality and productivity. GE Power Conversion offers both Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR) as well as IGBT based Dynamic VAR compensators (D-SVC) for lowering grid interferences due to heavy-duty reactive loads.


System capability
  • Thyristor-based technology
  • From 20 MVAr to 600 MVAr
  • Controls based on industry-standard components
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Solutions for industrial and grid applications
  • Containerized options
  • IT-Security and secure remote access
SVC Thyristor Valves
  • ETT, electrical-triggered-thyristors
  • Range up to 600 MVAr
  • Voltages up to 63 kV
  • Power circuit consisting of one, two, three or four stacks
  • Snubbers and divider resistors for thyristor protection
  • Water-cooled
  • Easy to maintain
  • Gate drive units powered from separate power supply increasing operating range


Flicker with TCR reduction factor ~2: Dynamic operation that digitally compensates for voltage fluctuation

Modular design: Based on former HVDC thyristor valve technology for maximum flexibility and optimized footprint

N+1 redundancy: Continued operation of one or more thyristors having failed

Cost savings in steel plants: Refractory wear and electrode consumption reduced, increased EAF production up to ~15%

Safety: Proven standard in separate building room or E-House

Reliability: Designed to resist severe transients

Quality: Local grid strengthening and VAR support for higher productivity and power quality, meeting grid code compliance requirements