Direct Feed

Power supply system for arc furnaces, directly connected to the grid

Building on decades of expertise in the Metals industry, GE Power Conversion has developed an advanced solution to allow steel producers to help optimize their OPEX, while delivering ultimate grid power quality.

Our power supply solution is suitable for AC or DC Electrical Arc Furnaces (EAF). It is directly connected to the grid and allows to precisely manage the furnace electrode current. The digital control system enables a qualitative monitoring of the electrical arc and prevent disturbances.

With our Direct Feed converter system, we offer an integrated solution including:

•  Multi-level converter system

•  EAF transformer

•  EAF control & regulation systems

We can also provide the full high voltage grid connection and distribution system, including HV/ MV grid step-down transformer and GIS/AIS.

GE Power Conversion’s Direct Feed system is based on proven press-pack IEGT technology offering high availability thanks to redundancy.

General Electric


Process performance
• Reduced electrical power consumption –stable operation
• Improved power-on time
• Significant reduction of electrodes consumption

Life cycle/Reduced maintenance
• Limited usage of transformer tap changer
• No reactor tap changer
• Circuit breakers only switched at no-load

Grid performance
• AF reactive power and harmonic current not propagated to the grid
• Improved EAF flicker
• Enhanced harmonic performance



Power Conversion is helping steel producers meet both the challenge of decarbonization and grid stability

Cooperation Agreement with Tenova for tailored medium voltage power feeding solutions for large EAFs