Service 360

Asset management at your fingertips

Service 360 is Power Conversion’s online service portal that enables you to assess and enhance your assets’ performance throughout their life cycle.

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Service 360 is a step towards empowering you with timely service recommendations from our experts for each asset based on its age and unique characteristics.

Information in Service 360 directly comes from Power Conversion’s internal databases and is updated in real time. The information is safe and confidential. Access is protected with individual customer login and password. Each customer can see only information related to a specific list of locations.

Using Service 360, you can:

  • View your installed assets, service history, and propose updates
  • View asset connectivity and health status (when activated)
  • Benefit from specific service recommendations
  • Order spare parts & other services
  • Manage your service agreements
  • Manage your cases and work orders

The subscription is free. Future premium features might be available to customers with service agreements.