Fixed Speed System

Cost-effective solution for applications with a sufficient short circuit power grid

For applications with sufficient short circuit power supply, where motors run at fixed speed, Power Conversion’s motors are available in fixed-speed configuration, with Direct On Line (DOL) starting.


Fixed-speed motors present advantages compared to variable speed systems:

  • Cost effective
  • More efficient (no energy loss in the controller)
  • No harmonic currents produced in the power circuit
  • Reduced footprint
  • Reduced maintenance needs

Low Inrush Current Motor

Power Conversion’s fixed speed DOL motors are also available in a low inrush current configuration, based on induction technology.

Low inrush current motors are used for applications with power supply limitations as oil and gas platforms, FPSOs (for gas compressors or water injection pumps) or plants with limited power supply, creating special and difficult load conditions.

The main advantage of a low inrush current motor is that the motor starts Direct On Line without auxiliary device, hence reducing the costs, the installation space and the voltage drop on the power grid during start–while increasing reliability.


  • High power induction motors, up to 20 MW
  • 2 to 30 poles
  • Speed up to 3,600 rpm
  • Starting current between 275% and 450% of full load current
  • Water-Air Cooling or Air-Air Cooling system available even for very high ambient temperatures (up to 55°C)
  • Cost effectiveness

General Electric


Power Conversion to support an Oil Field Revitalization Project in Brazil