Rotating Machines

Low speed synchronous motors 8 poles and above

A flexible technology to adapt to multiple applications' requirements


We offer a full range of horizontal and vertical synchronous motors, including direct-drive high torque density motors at speeds as low as 20 rpm.

We can easily adapt our standard product platforms to cater for many fixed speed applications with any purposed starting methods including direct online, auto-transformer or electronic soft starting.

GE has extensive experience in oil & gas, marine, industry and other applications with large low speed motors offering lower weight and inertia advantages.

Our worldwide installed base for synchronous motors accounts for over 600 units and 5,500 MW of power.


Customizable configuration
  • Modular cooling system: CACA, CACW, TEPV, WPII, ODP
  • Ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions: -40°C to +55°C ambient temperature, altitude > 1,000 m
  • Safe and hazardous area
  • Fixed speed 50/60 Hz
  • Variable speed application –System approach for VSDS
  • High load inertia starting
  • Direct on line starting with limited voltage drop on the network (low inrush current)
  • Limitation of current fluctuation/pulsating torque for reciprocating compressors
  • Compliance to high level specifications
  • Compliance to international standards (IEC, API, NEMA, CSA, DNV, ABS, ...)
Robust reliability
  • Improved stator cooling with pin vent technology and efficient rotor cooling to avoid hot temperature spots for a longer operating lifetime
  • Improved insulation system to reduce partial discharge
  • VPI with low Volatile Organic Compounds resin is applied to the complete stator and attached cables
  • Full length slot wedges
  • Removal stator core for simple stator replacement
General Electric
Exciter and control:
  • AC excitation control system for VFD supply or VFD starting
  • DC excitation control system for direct on line starting and fixed speed application
  • Brushless excitation for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability in hazardous areas
  • Excitation control cubicle according to customer requirements (redundancy, protection relays...)
  • Single bearing or dual bearings
  • End-shield sleeve bearings or pedestal sleeve bearings
  • Jacking oil units integrated or separated


  • Power factor leading or lagging
  • Higher efficiency than induction
  • High power density
  • Designed for RAM (Reliability Availability Maintainability)
  • Fully customizable
General Electric

Rotating Machines portfolio

General Electric

High speed induction motors 100MW

GE Power Conversion’s range of high speed motors provides high quality and reliability with low maintenance and long life.

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General Electric

Large Power Induction Motors (up to 40 MW)

Our induction motors are fully customizable to match our customers requirements at whatever speed, from the method of cooling to the smallest accessory.

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General Electric

Medium Power Induction Motors

Our medium power induction motors' frame and stator have been specially developed to offer a highly efficient cooling, then allowing higher power ratings with smaller frame sizes.

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General Electric

Advanced Induction Motor (AIM) for Naval applications

GE’s Advanced Induction Motor (AIM) solution is a multi-phase, power-dense induction motor specifically configured for naval marine propulsion applications.

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General Electric

Compact Induction Motor (CIM) for Naval applications

GE’s structured naval motor range for electric and hybrid-electric ship propulsion from 4 MW to 24 MW. Using GE Power Conversion’s deep domain know-how to bring efficiency benefits of electric power to naval ships.

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General Electric

High Speed Synchronous Motors 2 poles

Our 2-poles turbo motors range up to 100 MW and 6,500 rpm and they can be developed to meet specific customers’ needs in order to cover all compressor or pump operating points.

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General Electric

Synchronous Motors 4-6 poles

Our synchronous motors are designed and manufactured to operate efficiently in a technologically complex and regulated environment where reliability, availability, and ease of maintenance are critical.

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General Electric

Rotating Stabilizer

Helping stabilize weak grids and enable higher penetration of renewable energy

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